7 Unequivocally Awesome Supermetrics Alternatives for Ecommerce Stores and Agencies
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June 29, 2022

7 Unequivocally Awesome Supermetrics Alternatives for Ecommerce Stores and Agencies

Data is the greatest weapon a modern marketer has in their arsenal to launch powerful campaigns. 

If you’re an ecommerce brand managing ads on five different platforms while dabbling in email and SMS marketing, you need a single dashboard to view all the data at one glance.

Similarly, if you’re an agency managing 25 ad accounts, you certainly need one place to view all your client’s campaigns. 

Now, you don’t want to spend 10+ hours/week to download and upload the data onto a complicated Google Sheet or Tableau. You’d rather connect data from all the sources, viz., FB Ads, Google Ads, Pinterest Ads, Klaviyo, etc. into one place and send it to whatever visualization tool you use. 

And, that one place happens to be Supermetrics for half-million users. 

What is Supermetrics?

Supermetrics uses data connectors that make it easy to move data from top platforms (like Facebook and Google Ads) to your BigQuery, Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, or other analytics visualization.

Although it’s a brilliant tool, it still poses some challenges – expensive tool, manually mapping the data across platforms, no visualization support, data accuracy issues, a limited number of data rows, not tailor-made for ecommerce brands, etc. 

Needless to say, marketers need better Supermetrics alternatives to satiate their need for flawless analytics. 

And as it turns out, we happen to have the ideal list ready for you. Here are 7 alternatives that give Supermetrics a run for its money.

1. Triple Whale

Triple Whale centralizes the metrics from all the tools you use, right into your pocket. We’re a tiny bit biased but our 600+ customers claim that we’re the simplest ecommerce analytics tool in the market right now. 

With Triple Whale, it’s easy to test, track and make sense of all your data as all your favorite ecommerce & marketing tools are connected into one clean dashboard. 

Best features:

  • All your data is at your fingertips with our Android/iOS mobile apps.
  • Connect as many users or integrations at no extra charge.
  • Reference FB/GA/Shopify ROAS reported by UTMs on the dashboard.
  • Identify the highest LTV products and what months generate the most valuable users.
  • On one hand, you can connect FB, Google, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok ad accounts, and on the other, you can also connect your Shopify, Klaviyo & Attentive accounts – pretty much your entire tech & marketing stack! 
“This app has single-handedly replaced SuperMetrics and 90% of our Data Studio setups. The team is a pleasure to work with and we can’t wait to see how the app progresses!” 
– Jake, The Ad Nerds


  • The base plan starts at $99/month and it increases depending on your annual revenue.


Glew is the one-stop shop for all your data needs. You can connect, transform and visualize all your data in one place. From 200+ prebuilt KPIs to custom reporting, Glew has your back. 

Glew enables you to identify your most valuable, and top customers and develop personalized marketing strategies. Segment customers by LTV, AOV, number of purchases, total revenue, and more. Push custom and prebuilt segments to your email platform automatically and more. 

Best features:

  • View data visualization built just for subscription ecom stores.
  • Every metric and visualization in Glew can be added to customized reports.
  • Glew integrates with 150+ data sources making it one of the most in-depth analytics tools of all time.


“Glew has been extremely helpful to our company by giving us all of our data in one central location. I would recommend this to any company that is trying to grow its e-commerce business. We are now able to see our CAC and LTV all in one place where we can share with investors and our team.” 
– Tiesta Tea


  • Starter at $0/month
  • Pro at $79/month
  • Custom pricing

3. Tydo

Tydo lets you make in-time marketing decisions based on your store’s data and trends over time. With its easy-to-use platform, you can see all your store’s data in one glance, analyze cohorts, find your biggest problems, solve them and uncover hidden opportunities. 

You can quickly identify positive and negative anomalies at large or within a single channel.

Best features:

  • Build your unique playbook with data visuals for every function of your business, from finance to cohort analysis, ad channel performance to segmentation tools.
  • For agencies, Tydo’s Portfolio allows you to ​​make real-time assessments on marketing initiatives across every storefront you manage.
  • Report Cards consolidates all your key metrics across platforms for an at-a-glance pulse of your business – for free. 

“Tydo ultimately provides a clear, unified view through which we can better analyze, structure, and leverage data sets. That’s critical for us at Recess.”
– Will Holtz, Recess


  • Starter at $199/month 
  • Startup at $1000/month
  • Growth at $2000/month

Note: This pricing may be outdated as the current website doesn’t show pricing. I took this data from a third-party site

4. Daasity

Daasity claims to be the only analytics platform that brings enterprise-grade analytics to ecommerce merchants of all sizes. With over 130 pre-built reporting templates you can get started after plugging into your platform.

Daasity claims to be the only ecom analytics tool that combines crucial data from Shopify, Amazon, Subscription, Retail, and other channels to deliver insights on CLTV by Marketing Channel, Initial SKU purchased, AOV, and much more.

Best features:

  • Daasity also has a “Brand Data'' functionality, which is essentially a CSV loader that brings in data from external sources to compare against your platform data.
  • Send customer data from any tool integrated into your Daasity account, or your private data warehouse, to supercharge your favorite marketing platforms.
  • With real-time inventory reporting, you can maintain sales velocity and inventory levels across all sales channels.

“The Daasity platform helps us analyze and manage a complex omnichannel presence across DTC, Amazon, wholesale (Ulta, Nordstrom, Sephora), and international. Consolidating and normalizing all channel-specific data allows us to manage the brand and product portfolio holistically, without siloed channel data, and has helped fuel our 100%+ YoY growth.”
– Jameson Slattery, Kopari


  • The Growth plan starts at $199/month if you’re under $2M in revenue (and it grows)
  • For the Pro plan, you need to contact them.

5. Peel

Peel is an automated business analytics platform for ecommerce stores. With one click, it pulls in data from Shopify, Google Ads, Facebook ads, Klaviyo, Recharge, TikTok, etc., to automate the reporting of 100+ commonly used metrics so you never have to touch a spreadsheet again just to analyze the health of your business.

Peel also finds trends and sends daily reports on the top metrics and segments that shape your business every day.

Best features:

  • Peel's powerful cohort analysis enables you to understand and measure data across acquisition, activation, retention, and referral metrics. 
  • Explore 100s of predefined analyses and segments (SKU, shipping location, discount codes, attribution source, subscription, etc) to get an overview of the top-notch and worst-performing groups of customers.
  • Show multiple metrics at once in a table view, for each segment. Download and share this with your team and revisit it over and over again.

“We've been using Peel for several weeks now and love it! We share the insights to a shared Slack channel and it gives us insight into our sales, which sparks a lot of interesting conversations. Great tool.”
– Danielle, Outlaw Soaps


  • Starts at $199/month for stores doing 1.5k-4.5k orders/month (the price changes with order range)

6. Segment by Tresl

Segments by Tresl takes the data your Shopify store already has to create actionable insights for you to consume and use for your campaigns. The tool differentiates itself from the crowd with its pre-built segmentations and suggestive analytics. 

Think of Segments as the DIY ecom data marketing platform that helps you deliver the best customer experience you can think of. 

Best features:

  • Access 30+ automated customer segments such as top spenders, most likely to churn, and active loyal.
  • Track performance using the tool’s 1-page executive summary with KPIs such as new vs. repeat revenue, profit margin, AOV, ARPU, Average number of orders (ANO).
  • Detailed insights to drive repeat purchase with repurchase timing, next purchase mapping by gateway products, cross-sell, and replenishment cycles.

“After trying many different apps for both insights and syncing, Segments has been one of the most useful apps we have in our marketing tech stack” 
– Albert from ILIA Beauty


  • Free plan
  • Small Business at $79/month
  • Growth at $239/month
  • Unlimited at $899/month

7. Lifetimely

Lifetimely makes it super easy for DTC brands to calculate profit and customer lifetime value as compared to other tools. So much so that you can get a comprehensive and automated P&L up and running in 15 minutes. 

They claim to have the most accurate customer behavior data and month-to-month LTV projections which, in turn, enables you to make profitable business decisions seamlessly.

Best features:

  • 100% accurate customer LTV calculations, with tools to help you find profitable customer segments and determine the necessary & appropriate amount you should spend on ads.
  • Detailed customer behavior reports that reveal critical patterns in your customer buying habits.
  • An AI-enabled predictive LTV model that precisely projects LTVs and seamlessly forecasts your monthly sales and revenue.

“This app is great. I no longer have to crunch in Excel what I should (but won’t) get from an analytics service that I pay much more for. The LTV and repurchase rate metrics are executed well, and that’s exactly what you need. But there are also good features to slice and dice - by first product ordered, etc. Highly recommend.”
– Bharat Ayyar, Sunsoil


  • Basic for $19/month
  • Pro for $49/month
  • Plus for $99/month

Which one are you choosing?

I’ll be honest with you – it’s easy to get lost in a sea of options. This isn’t an exhaustive list and there are other phenomenal ecommerce analytics tools out there. 

But to find the right one for you, you should first try out a few of these options, preferably the seven above, and then settle on the one that works best for your Shopify store.

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